Product Information

i22X Series Multifunctional Inspection Device

i22X Series
  • Features
  • Product Lineup
  • Main Specifications
  • Wide Range of Inspection Uses

    Dip Soldering Inspection

    Part・Color Difference

    Scratch Inspection

    Text Inspection
    (Optical Character Recognition-optional add-on)

    Missing Screw Check

    Reads Various Barcodes
    QR・Data Matrix・C39・C128
    (MicroQR Recognition-optional add-on)

  • Traceability

    Automatically saves inspection results & barcode information

    Production Management Software "Catch System"

    *Optional (sold separately)

    Check inspection images・Record repairs

    Keep tabs on productivity with monthly data graph

  • Inspection Range Up to 500mm

    “Free Space” Design Inspection Stage

  • Choose Lighting to Fit Your Application

    White Lighting・DOAL・RGB Lighting ・Red Side Lighting

  • System Configuration

    Inspection Unit・PC・Display・Controller・Switchbox

    Inspection Unit, Controller, Switchbox
    PC, Display
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