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JR3000 Series Heaby Duty Robot

JR3000 Series Heaby Duty Robot

We've equipped the JR3000 Series with a feedback motor to carry heavy tool and workpiece payloads.

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  • Maximum Tool Payload Increased to 15kg

    Ideal for heavy tool operations such as large tank dispensing or hot melt dispensing with a heater.

    heavy tool 1

    heavy tool 2

    Designed for dual component or multi-syringe dispensing.

  • Maximum Workpiece Payload Increased to 20kg


    Handles Heavy Workpieces

  • Z-Axis Brake
    Prevents the Z-Axis from falling during emergency stops or if the main power supply is cut.
  • Choose either our versatile standard software or our dedicated dispensing software
*This robot is not Field Network compatible.
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