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JP Series 5 Stand-Alone Type (Two Hand Switch Model)

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Ready to Run C-Frame Servo Press
Comprehensive Two Hand Switch-Operated Pressing System

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Main Features

  • Built-in Safety Features

    With no need for a light curtain or area sensor, not only are additional costs avoided but both operator safety and a broad work area are acheivable.

  • All-in-One System Ideal for Cell Production

    Designed especially for cell production and research facilities, result display, control mechanism, pressing mechanism, C-frame and pair of operation switches are all included in one machine. Just power the press and you are ready to begin.

  • Multilingual Display Screen

    Switch among 12 different languages: English / Japanese / Simplified and Traditional Chinese / Korean / Vietnamese / German / French / Spanish / Italian / Romanian / Czech

Sample Applications

PC Software: TaS Ⅱ System

Compatible with desktop, laptop and HMI(touch panel) PCs; choose the PC setup suitable for your facility.

JP5 Designer
Create, edit, send and receive teaching data.

■Upload teaching data from the Electro Press to your PC.
■Create and edit teaching data and send it to the Electro Press.
■Save teaching data on your PC and print it out.
■Acquire time series data via JP5 Sampler and display it as a graph.
■Edit sensor conditions, etc. based upon graphic displays.
■Real time I/O monitoring during press operation.

JP5 Sampler (optional)
Receive and save run result data

■Upload run result data to your PC (minimum sampling interval 0.25msec).
■Display quality control data in list display format, and time series data as a graph.
■Output sampling data in CSV/TXT file format.
■Collect run result data from multiple presses.

JP5 Reporter (optional)
Analyze run results and make reports.

■Use quality control data to calculate and display statistical averages and standard deviations.
■Display the frequency distribution (histograms) for end load values and end positions.
■Display CPK (process capability index) data based upon run result data.
■Display operational status program by program.
(Error rate, no. of OK/NOK, average cycle time, average prep time, etc.)
■Make reports in HTML format.

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