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JP-S Series

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Main Features

  • Ideal for replacing hydraulic and pneumatic presses!
  • Slim Body Type (only 65mm wide in the smallest model!)
    Reduces the amount of space taken up in your facility while offering multiple setup options.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Electrically-powered servo press runs more cleanly than oil or air presses.
  • Comprehensive Interfacing
    Compatible with Digital I/O, Field Network, Ethernet and Pendant Unit interfacing.
  • Consistent Quality Control
    Ample sensor judgment capabilities and Ethernet connectivity as standard equipment.
    Saves job and judgment result data for reliable traceability.
  • Various Control Settings
    You can freely set parameters such as Load, Position, Distance and Speed.
  • Reduced Start-up Costs
    You can keep your start-up costs low by choosing only the options that meet your usage needs.

Sample Applications

System Configuration Diagram

PC Software: JP-S2 SaS System

The JP-S2 Series is compatible with desktop, laptop and touch panel PCs, so you can choose the PC system which best fits your facility.

JP-S2 Designer (Standard)
Receives and edits teaching data, sends edited data.

■Creates teaching data on your PC and sends it to the Electro Press
■Uploads teaching data from the Electro Press to your PC.
■Displays time series data taken with JP-S2 Sampler and displays it as a graph.
■Edits teaching data sensor judgment parameters, etc., based upon the graph display.
■Saves edited data onto your PC, as well as sends it to the Electro Press.
■Real-time check of pressing I/O.

JP-S2 Sampler (Optional)
Receives and saves pressing result data.

■Displays pressing result data (quality control data) as a list.
■Creates and displays CPK (Process Capability Index) data based upon pressing result data.
■Displays pressing result data (time series data) as a graph.
■Displays sampling data conditions.
■Collects pressing result data for multiple Electro Presses.
* Number of presses may vary due to work environment.

JP-S2 Reporter (Optional)
Analyzes saved result data and creates reports.

■Lists up quality control data for easy reference.
■Displays CPK values (Process Capability Index) based upon result data.
■Histogram display of sensor judgment values, final load values and final positions.
■Displays time series data as a graph.
■Also displays result-based CPK data as a graph.

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