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Servo SCARA Robot JS3 Series

Servo SCARA Robot JS3 Series

Highly rigid robot arm for speed, precision and heavy payload capacity. Useful for a wide range of tasks, from transporting small parts to assembly operations.
 Our original, user-friendly teaching software makes both equipment setup and fine tuning during operation easy.

  • Features
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  • Main Specifications
  • Make operation settings without writing a new robot language

    Dedicated Pick & Place software prepared with all the command types you need. Just choose the robot movements from the menu.
    Pre-programmed software shortens setup and teaching time.

  • Top Class High Speed Movement and Short Standard Cycle Time

    Maximum Speed: 8,300mm/sec  Standard Cycle Time: 0.29sec
    Enhanced high speed movement and continuous operability for increased productivity.

    cycle time

  • Cable and Tube Passage Inside the Robot Mechanism

    Internal wiring and air tubing to minimize interference from peripheral devices and cables.

  • Expanded Pivot Axis Operating Range

    The area behind the robot is accessible, eliminating wasteful extra movement and increasing robot installation flexibility.

    Pivot Axis Operating Range

  • Additional Robot Maintenance Functions

    Use the robot's running data record as a guide for when to perform maintenance or replace consumable parts.

  • Comprehensive External Interfaces

    LAN (Ethernet) port, USB memory port, 6 Field Network options, add up to 2 optional auxiliary axes.

  • Making Programs Is Easy

    Use our original PC software or our teaching pendant.

  • ●Optional Teaching Pendant II

    Our interactive input method makes direct teaching easy.

    teaching pendant II

    ●Optional "JR C-Points II" PC software

    Large icons on the software screen make program creation easy.
    Create, edit and save teaching data and customizing data.
    We also offer a convenient point graphic editing function.

    Programming Area

    Directly input and edit program data.

    Basic Operation Area

    Program just by choosing the icons you want.

    PC software JR C-Points II

    Robot Operations Area

    Use the operation icons to make JOG movements.

    *Point Graphic Editing Function

    With this function upload DXF files, Gerber data or jpeg data and draw points, straight lines, circles and arcs.
    Our motion-based approach accurately determines difficult positions on your PC screen.
    For DXF files and Gerber data, you can edit their coordinate information.

  • Built-in Simple PLC Function

    Handles simple communication with external devices; no need for an external PLC.

  • Multi-lingual Compatibility

    Switch among 5 display languages with our PC software and 11 display languages on our teaching pendant.

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